The Great Sand Dunes National Park Vow Renewal

The Great Sand Dunes National Park Vow Renewal

It’s when something or someone is out of the ordinary, not what you expect, different than the rest. And in so many ways it is synonymous with beauty. Unique and set apart from the crowd. In some instances, you are presented with more than one anomaly, but only if you’re lucky.

We find ourselves to be lucky to have met Crystal, Luke and their children. We find ourselves honored to have taken part in their vow renewal at the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado. Special people in a special place. If you’re up for the drive a truly unique place awaits you behind the Sangre De Cristo Mountain range in Southern Colorado. About 3-4 hours away from what seems like anywhere, rests a remote, enchanting, and somewhat intimidating landscape. The Great Sand Dunes are a true anomaly in a state that is known for the Rocky Mountains, evergreens, aspens and alpine lakes. In the midst of the aforementioned stands the tallest dunes in North America, formed after lakes in the valley dried up, leaving exposed sediment and sand that were blown to the base of the mountains where they were kept to form the dunes. Now, a National Park, the dunes are enjoyed by all that will make the hike to this remote location. And those that do are rewarded with the beauty of this unique landscape.

When we met Crystal, Luke and their three children last November for a family portrait session, we knew they would hold a special place in our lives. They had been married for almost seven years and had recently re-located to Colorado Springs from Las Vegas. Crystal told us of her distrust of photographers because of the experience her and Luke had on their wedding day. The photographer they had hired for their wedding was a no-show, leaving them without the photos to preserve the memories of their day that they deserved. So, in light of this misfortune is how this beautiful vow renewal came to be. They chose the Great Sand Dunes because it felt most like Las Vegas where they had been married seven years prior. This session is proof that going out on a limb, choosing something unique over convenient can be so rewarding. Crystal and Luke confessed their love for one another again standing tall on the dunes and cemented their love once again. They are a truly as unique and beautiful as the Great Sand Dunes where they renewed their vows and finally have the photos they deserved

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