Florida Law Allows Teachers Carrying Firearms MSNBC Fort Lauderdale News Studio Live Shot

Florida Law Allows Teachers Carrying Firearms MSNBC Fort Lauderdale News Studio Live Shot

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MSNBC Hardball live shot with Parkland MSD history teacher, Greg Pittman and Congressman Ted Deutch. Following the school shooting tragedies in North Carolina and Colorado this week, Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, signs a bill into law, allowing some school employees (with roles outside the classroom) to carry guns on school grounds. Those school employees who would be allowed to carry handguns on school grounds would be required to undergo firearms training, a psychiatric evaliutiuaon and a background check.

Pittman and Deutch strongly object to this law, believing it can create more unexpected school shooting incidents, arguing that having more guns in schools is not the answer.
Intersting to point out, Pittman is a gun owner, but thinks its a dangerous idea to allow armed teachers in the classroom. He cites various situations such as a student fighting with the teacher for his/her gun, to a teacher having a split second decision (with no time to think) to pull a gun from his holster, point it at the suspected student posing a threat to others and accidentally shooting the wrong student. He also says students worry about the presence of a gun in the classroom, where it is, who has it, and how it will effect students ability to focus and learn. Pittman goes further in his argument against guns in the classroom, saying he believes it’s a “stunt” or a way for the NRA to sell more guns and not a way to ensure the safety of kids. In his view, he states teachers are hired to teach and that should be their sole focus, not tasked with the additional responsibility of carrying a firearm to protect kids in the classroom. It should be pointed out, however, that this law of teachers carrying firearms on school ground is voluntary and not mandated in any way.

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