Colorado Nights – Aspen, CO

Colorado Nights – Aspen, CO

While shooting some time-lapse video of the Colorado high county this year, I took one last excursion to the mountains above 12,000 ft. On Sunday night I captured this time-lapse from 8:00PM to 4:00AM, and caught the Aurora that was so widespread across the eastern US. Watch the video, as the Milky Way exits right, the green Aurora begins as a haze at about 11:30, flowing to the left (east) and exiting about 4:00 in the morning. Who needs sleep?

On a fairly heavy Denver – San Francisco flight path. How many airplanes can you count? (they are not meteors….)

Shot with Canon:
16mm – 35mm f2.8
30s, ISO 2000, f2.8, 34s intervals, RAW

Dynamic Perception MX2/Dolly

/ 5.


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