BLACK DIAMOND || Nolan’s Fourteen

BLACK DIAMOND  ||  Nolan’s Fourteen

BD Athlete Joe Grant was looking for an experience. He wanted it to be hard, and he wanted to push himself to “that edge” where he’d have to make difficult decisions. That’s why he chose Nolan’s 14—a rowdy jaunt through Colorado’s Sawatch range, which links 14 14,000-foot mountains over 100 miles. Needless to say, Joe found what he was looking for, and in the process, set the unsupported record for the route. This is his story.

Executive Producer: Chris Parker
Director: Matt Trappe
DP: Dan Sohner
Writer: Joe Grant
Photo/Artwork: Andy Earl
Animation: Eric Bucy
Editing: Matt Trappe
Music: Provided by Marmoset ‘A Thumbnail Sketch of Infinity’ by David John Sheppard and ‘Slip Away’ by Josh Garrels


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