Abandoned BIG Kmart & Payless Shoe Source 2020! (Fort Collins, CO) | Optopolis

Abandoned BIG Kmart & Payless Shoe Source 2020! (Fort Collins, CO) | Optopolis

Big Kmart opened in 1969 in Fort Collins; I believe Payless Shoes Source also opened about the same time, directly next door to the Kmart. Our focus will be Kmart, but we will take a look at Payless as well.

This Kmart would be one of the Kmarts rebranded to a Big Kmart in the late 90s, and it remained as such until 2016, when it closed permanently.

Do you know when Payless Shoes opened and closed? Do you know of other stores that were in this building? Leave it in the comments!

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Date Filmed: 2020 Aug 31


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